From the recording Source of All

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SOURCE OF ALL is a love song to the Creator and the Creation, in gratitude for Divine Mother, for our planet Earth, and for the Sacred Sound Current that carries the highest frequency of Love-light to uplift our hearts and souls. May it bring your heart peace, joy and a sense of coming home to the Source of All.
Songwriter - Megan Chaskey
Vocals - Megan Chaskey
Guitar, piano - Scott Petito
Recorded and arranged - NRS recording studio in Catskill, NY - Scott Petito (who studied at the Berklee College of Music),
Percussion - Mike Guglielmo (who attended Molloy Music Therapy University and is a music board certified therapist)


Oh Beloved Earth, this holy star, this sacred ground,
we honor you in our holy dance
as we circle round our Father Sun.

Oh Holy One that lifts us up on wings of song
to lead us back where we belong
in the Holy Naam.

Eh he-ee-eh, Eh he-ee-eh, Eh he-ee-eh,

In Sacred Sound, our hearts’ own song, in harmony,
restores our souls to crystal light
Oh Source of All.

Oh Holy Mother, hear our prayer,
hold us close to your very heart,
then let us go, to fly away to freedom.

Oh Source of All, as above so below,
on this Tree of Life, as within and so without.

Eh he-ee-eh, Eh he-ee-eh, Eh he-ee-eh